Serving God, Changing Lives

Why Hosanna?

Below is a sampling of the reasons why people come to worship.

The spirit of God is present in the people, and they share their talents with others (locally and in the world).

I am hungry for God in my life. I love the fellowship at Hosanna. I am trying to find my way (I want to follow Jesus, but I sometimes get lost). I want to give back to people what Hosanna (through Jesus) has given to me.

I attend to fulfill a promise to worship faithfully, and also to thank God for all the good he provides.

I feel love when I am here — every time, without fail.

Worshipping the Lord Jesus in thankfulness for his love and sacrifice for me; being with my brothers and sisters in Christ, worshipping Him;  serving others and telling of His love.

I love being part of the Hosanna family. It charges my soul for the week to come.

Hosanna is a church community, my home church. It is a place to not only worship but also to do more for others through community events and volunteering. It is a place to free my heart.

I come to renew my spirit with the Lord, to find peace within, to enjoy fellowship, and to find ways to deepen my faith.

I come for friends, fellowship, music, and the welcoming atmosphere. I want to hear the Word of the Lord and to celebrate and partake of the Bread of Life.

I want to renew my faith in God and gain strength in body and soul; to help others and serve; to praise and sing together; to help me center my life on God.

I am here to fill that spiritual void I feel and also to feel a part of a spiritual community. I seek to have the Lord speak to me and I to him.

We keep coming back to Hosanna for the family that this congregation has become to us. We have grown to know some of the members and appreciate their support. We have gotten to know Pastor John and really like his style, his positive attitude, and his caring for each of us individually. We like the size of the church and the ability to really make a difference.

To be uplifted for the new week. For forgiveness. To sing!

I am on a continuing search for a deeper relationship with God. The support of this community of Christians in times of celebration, in times of trial, and in times of grief has been amazing.

Hosanna is full of sincere devoted people who have a common goal and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

I have made good friends and we share a common belief in God. I appreciate their willingness to serve and share in my journey.