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Simple steps to help us grow

During the recent Congregational Meeting there were some frank discussions about how to manage the church during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  As the administrator of our website and camera person for our streaming church verses, I see this time as an opportunity to reach out to the neighborhood and invite them to join us.  We can only take advantage of this opportunity if all of us pitches in to help.

So what are easy steps all of us can do to improve our outreach?

  • Email all your contacts an invite with our website address  Our new Services menu option provides details on all our streaming church services including the audio and video.
  • Once a week, share our website address on your social media platforms in a public comment and invite people to join us.    
  • Do a Google review.  Just google Hosanna Lutheran Church Houston and in the Google business account area do a new review.  It is fast and easy and critically important to helping us grow the church.
  • Visit the church website and make comments on each weeks Sunday Service pages.  Those comments can encourage our visitors. 

So there it is, short, simple, easy to do but very important for us to grow the church and without affecting the church budget.  I am hoping all of us will step and do our part to outreach to our neighbors. 


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