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Men of Hosanna

The Men of Hosanna organization was re-established on Sept 7, 1991.  At that time all of the men at Hosanna were given a survey sheet listing 12 possible objectives.  They were asked to submit their top 3 objectives.  The top 3 vote getters were: # 1 FUN, # 2 FELLOWSHIP and # 3 SERVICE. The eight-person committee that started the Men’s group up again included:  Pastor Thomas Robison, Will Henske, Bill King, Bob McConnell, Don Taylor, the late Brian Johnson, Earl Mote and Chuck Bottner.  

Men who wish to become members are invited to submit their names, addresses and email info.  You don’t have to be a member of Hosanna to join.  You only have to be a high school graduate who enjoys participating in one of our several activities such as: Annual Men’s Breakfast; CARE Packages for High School students that are graduating, those attending colleges or universities, those serving in any of the Armed Services or The Peace Corps; Cooking for the Women’s Spring Fling or serving as waiters; Golfing in our GOOD FRIDAY or Fall Golf tournaments; fishing outings, attending Astro baseball home games; Christmas gift packages for Seafarers; or our ongoing recycling program.  Currently we have 81 in our Men of Hosanna organization.


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