Serving God, Changing Lives


Membership at Hosanna is founded on the grace of God and grounded in baptism. God’s promise in baptism is that we are made members of his church and of the body of Christ. No one can take away that promise.

We are not members because of good works or achievements, but solely because of the work of the Holy Spirit. Membership at Hosanna does not mean the granting of privileges. Rather, it is a calling to contribute one’s time, talents, and resources to the work of God in the world. Our mission is “Serving God, Changing Lives.”

  • A member of Hosanna seeks to be a Disciple of Christ. We follow his teaching and carry his redeeming love to the world.
  • A member of Hosanna seeks to live a Spiritual Life. We center our lives on the presence of God.
  • A member of Hosanna seeks to be a good Steward of all of God’s gifts, generously sharing our possessions, finances, abilities, and our environment.
  • A member of Hosanna seeks to Care  for others. We seek to love others with the love of Christ.

You may worship at Hosanna and participate in all activities without becoming a member. If you want to commit to joining Hosanna as a member and living a life of discipleship with the Hosanna family, please contact Pastor Anthony Chatman, or call the church office at 281-440-6890.