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Live Streaming Update

We are continuing to make progress to being able to stream our church services live.  We have moved all photography to our new Mevo Smart Steaming Camera.  The entire Service for May 24 was photographed on the Mevo.  This week, with the help of our Ukrainian friend Serge Tiagniryadno we now have sound direct from our sound board into the Mevo camera, but we still have a lot of work to do.

We need to hard wire the Sanctuary to the Internet to get the high speeds we are going to need to do a quality life stream without buffering.  We are waiting for daylight balanced bulbs with more output to improve the color balance and even out the lighting issues.  We are hoping replacing bulbs in some of our existing fixtures will be a low-cost way to greatly improve our lighting for live streaming. 

While we have the sound into the Camera, the quality dropped in comparison to recording the sound on a laptop first.  We are going to need to make changes in the sound settings on our sound mixer to improve the sound to the camera.  Of course, we are first going to have to learn how to do that.  I am hoping Serge Tiagniryadno will once again be willing to help with our new sound issue.

I am also asking each of you to help me show Serge our appreciation.  Along with being the owner of a sound studio in Ukraine, he is a talented signer and musician.  I am asking everyone to subscribe to his Facebook page and his YouTube Channel.  In this time of financial upheaval, his volunteer work from half a world away has been a lifeline to Hosanna.       


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