Serving God, Changing Lives

Job 36:24-33; 37:14-24

36:24“Remember to extol his work,
of which mortals have sung.
25All people have looked on it;
everyone watches it from far away.
26Surely God is great, and we do not know him;
the number of his years is unsearchable.
27For he draws up the drops of water;
he distills his mist in rain,
28which the skies pour down
and drop upon mortals abundantly.
29Can anyone understand the spreading of the clouds,
the thunderings of his pavilion?
30See, he scatters his lightning around him
and covers the roots of the sea.
31For by these he governs peoples;
he gives food in abundance.
32He covers his hands with the lightning,
and commands it to strike the mark.
33Its crashing tells about him;
he is jealous with anger against iniquity.

37:14“Hear this, O Job;
stop and consider the wondrous works of God.
15Do you know how God lays his command upon them,
and causes the lightning of his cloud to shine?
16Do you know the balancings of the clouds,
the wondrous works of the one whose knowledge is perfect,
17you whose garments are hot
when the earth is still because of the south wind?
18Can you, like him, spread out the skies,
hard as a molten mirror?
19Teach us what we shall say to him;
we cannot draw up our case because of darkness.
20Should he be told that I want to speak?
Did anyone ever wish to be swallowed up?
21Now, no one can look on the light
when it is bright in the skies,
when the wind has passed and cleared them.
22Out of the north comes golden splendor;
around God is awesome majesty.
23The Almighty — we cannot find him;
he is great in power and justice,
and abundant righteousness he will not violate.
24Therefore mortals fear him;
he does not regard any who are wise in their own conceit.”​

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