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Interconnection & Resilience

Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston invites you to a monthly environmental education web meeting series whose theme in 2023 is Interconnection.

Steve Stelzer, Program Director for Houston’s Green Building Resource Center, provides a tour through a wealth of resources available to aid you in building your resilience and living a more sustainable lifestyle. And, guess what, resilience for people is interconnected with resilience for the entire environment of which we are a part. Steve will make the connections between how you benefit, and how the environment does, too. And, he’ll make clear the connection between the need for increased resilience in view of our increasing environmental instability. He’ll also demonstrate how sustainability is ultimately the only viable path forward for people and the planet. Steve will provide very practical, actionable information that you can directly implement. Time for interactive Q&A with the speaker will be provided. Contact Lisa Brenskelle at with any questions.

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