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How do you feel about attending Hosanna Lutheran Church? If you love being a member of the congregation as much as I do, it is time to, literary, is is time to tell the world.

Google searches has become a major way the younger generation makes decisions on where to shop, where to eat, and what church to attend. There are two measures that matter to them. The rating of the church; we are at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The other is how many reviews the church has from visitors and members. Currently, we only have 15 reviews, which is much lower than the other churches in our area.

Reviews also help our search engine results for key words like Lutheran Church Houston. Currently, we rank 32nd for Lutheran Churches in the search result in the Houston area. That means few people are finding us on a Google search for Lutheran Churches in Houston. Increasing the number of reviews we have will help with our search results.

What will also greatly help is posting on your social media accounts about our church including a link to our website The more social media traffic we have the more people will learn about our church and the better our search results.

Google reviews and social media postings have become the evangelism in the 21st Century. It is easy, quick, and helps us reach out to our neighbors like never before. Please join in me in spreading the word about Hosanna Lutheran Church.


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