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The Hope Center Painting Project

We are assigned  to paint base coats on the laundry room, clothing room, rear hallway and Sheriff’s HOT room.  Prior to us painting all the sheet-rock walls, they will be taped, floated and textured.   We are not to paint the metal door or window frames.  Someone will do that later with enamel paint.  Please refer to my June 16, 2019 newsletter for supplies you need to bring which I have attached along with the June 30 newsletter for more details..  Be sure to bring paint stir sticks as some of the paint may be in one gallon cans.  The building AC system is now on so working conditions should be comfortable.  There are still areas under construction in the building so watch your step.  Electrical work is still going on so watch out for extension cords on the floors.
Please email me back if  you will be able to make it on the July 13 date.  If anyone has other questions please call me at (H) 281-440-5432 or my cell 832-541-5432. or co-project leader Jim Beck at 832-953-6013


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