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Asset Development Committee

Congregation Council President Cortez Richardson notified the congregation council of the need to create a temporary special committee to assist Hosanna in exploring the efficient and effective use of the church’s assets. Assets will be identified that have the greatest potential to produce financial stability for the church.

ASSET DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (ADC) will be responsible for identifying church assets that can be improved and used to generate sustainable income for the church. The ADC will report to the congregation council. The ADC will provide a written document containing details of any proposed idea for congregation council review.

Limitations of the committee –Only property and building asset improvements and designated funds will be explored. The ADC will have no approval or authority to enter the church into any financial obligations.

Member selection and term of service — The ADC will consist of three (3) voting members of the congregation and shall be appointed by the congregation council. The members will serve for a period of two (2) years with no limitation of consecutive appointments.

Termination of the ADC — The need for the ADC will be evaluated at the end of every two years, beginning with its creation. If the congregation council agrees that there is no need to continue the ADC’s existence, it will be terminated.

Authority for the formation of this committee is in the Hosanna Constitution:

C13.05. Other committees of this congregation may be formed as the need arises, by decision of the Congregation Council.

C13.06.05 The Congregation Council may approve the purpose and membership of other special congregation committees from time to time to carry out the mission of this congregation.

Adopted by the Hosanna Council on 11.06.2022

November 6, 2022