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100 Climate Solutions for Houses of Worship & Their Members

Nan Hildreth, Climate Activist


“Can we reverse global warming by 2050?” is the question addressed by Project Drawdown.   Project Drawdown’s research into all possible solutions yielded the top 100 most impactful solutions to climate change, in priority order, with estimates of cost and benefits.  The results may surprise you.   Here are a few examples:

  • Changing our food habits should help as much as wind power. “Eat your veggies and clean your plate.”  If food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter, just behind the USA and China.  Animal products require ten to a hundred times more land than vegetables.
  • 3 billion folks cook with firewood. A $30 to $100 factory-made stove cuts fuel usage by 50 – 75%.  5 billion people can’t afford the up-front cost of such a stove, even if it will save them money or time.
  • Humanity is changing refrigerants again. The current ones are potent greenhouse gases.  This should save 1 degree Fahrenheit of warming.

Nan Hildreth, climate activist, will explain how you can support the most impactful responses to climate change, whether in your personal life, at your house of worship, or around the world. Learn more/register for this online event at at: Contact Lisa Brenskelle at for more information.

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